From Funky Monkey Figurines to Anime Shinobi Figures

 - Oct 28, 2012
The designer toy revolution just keeps getting bigger and better, and on the forefront of this revolution is Medicom Toy and its Bearbrick designs. The Bearbrick is really a plastic figurine that has a bear's head. The base model would come completely white, which gives you the chance to design your own Bearbrick.

The fun of designer toys and Bearbricks is collecting all of the different designs. Bearbricks are designed by companies, fashion houses, artists, charities, and anyone else who has an imagination. The business model never runs dry, and gives consumers so much selection. Plus, the fact that they are collectible makes people always want to come back for the newest and coolest model.

Let yourself be a kid again, and find your favorite Bearbrick design, or just give in fully and start collecting them all.