From Rearranged Modular Seating to Garden-Holding Dining Tables

 - Apr 28, 2018
Furniture can often be one of the most exciting things to add to one's home thanks to the gravity and permanence of it, and the April 2018 furniture trends provide plenty to get excited about. People often keep their furniture for years, if not decades, so deciding on the best piece can be intimidating. Thankfully, there are plenty of skilled and innovative designers giving consumers interesting and attractive options.

Though many pieces of furniture are expressly designed for leisure and inactivity, plenty of people lead relatively sedentary lives. Furniture that helps to break people out of these stretches of languidness can thus improve health and wellness overall. The Ovini stool is one such example: the stool's seat is set in a swiveling socket, so one needs to constantly activate their core and leg muscles to stay still and balanced.