From Upcycled Delivery Bikes to Eco Bank Trucks

 - Apr 8, 2017
The top April 2017 transportation ideas cover everything from bicycles and autonomous cars of the future to large-scale transportation trucks.

When it comes to the latter, some of the most impressive innovations include the aerodynamic KAMAZ Vision semi-trailer truck, which was designed for the utmost efficiency and the eco-friendly Wema Bank on wheels, a truck that is able to travel anywhere in its country of origin to reach customers in remote areas.

Some automotive brands are looking to the future of transportation with forward-thinking concepts. Recently, Bugatti unveiled the PG x Bugatti Bicycle, an ultra-lightweight bike that's made with over is made from over 95% carbon fiber, and Vokswagen released a concept for Sedric (SElf-DRIving Car), an autonomous pod car. On the theme of crossover vehicles, Bugatti also teased a design for the Niniette 66 Yacht, inspired by the 1,500-hp Chiron.