- Jul 9, 2013
Pop culture's fascination with adorable pets and creatures persists in today's top trends with various series of adorable animal drawings. Artist Alexis Diaz created a variety of impression-leaving illustrations that combine the features of two very different animals to make one single creature. Combining a lion and a rat, as well as a rhino and a crab, these illustrations push the boundary in terms of weirdness and creativity.

Illustrator Dave Mottram used cutely sketched owl faces to represent the different reactions one can experience after drinking a cup of coffee. The birds wear faces like "half decaf" and "espresso," with the owls' eyes really portray the effects different amounts of caffeine have. (The 2013 Trend Reports will have more in-depth research and insight on the topic of java).

From Adorable Animal Drawings to Iconic Painter Tribute Photos: