Dave Mottram's Caffeinated Owls Show Different Reactions to Coffee

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: monkeyworks.org & laughingsquid
Illustrator Dave Mottram has created a caffeinated owl chart that shows different owls' reactions to various forms of caffeinated beverages, from decaf cups o' joe to double espressos.

Each illustration is abslutely adorable, showing big-eyed birds with large grins plastered on their feathery faces. The funniest owl is definitely the one who is drawn after having drank a double espresso. His huge, cartoonish eyes look extremely strung-out, gazing into the distance with a fervor unnatural to decaffeinated individuals. The owl who had consumed an Irish coffee is also pretty adorable, since Irish coffees contain a little bit of alcohol. His drunken grin stretches as wide as possible, while his eyes are closed shut as he obviously revels in his tipsy state.

With this illustration, Mottram has combined cute animals with relatable experiences; a perfect combination for coffee-loving humans.