These ‘Dyslexic Objects’ Demonstrate Dyslexia

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: & dezeen
Henry Franks recently won the 2013 New Designer of the Year Award for his series of ‘Dyslexic Objects.’ Franks channeled his own struggle with dyslexia into these objects. The items take the forms of familiar objects and bring frustrating twists to them.

The ‘Poor Memory Pots’ are designed to hold office supplies, but only two to three at a time. His ‘Confused Hangers’ is a clothing hanger with hooks in both directions and ‘Muglexia’ puts the mouth of a coffee cup where the base should be.

These objects communicate struggles he faces daily like having a terrible memory, comprehension and the inversion of words and letters when reading. Henry Franks’ objects beautifully express this what it is like to have this learning disability.