Dispose Uses Photography to see Real Life Differently

 - Jul 8, 2013
References: dispose.co
By breaking conventional rules of photography, Dispose has created a new way of thinking about photos and everyday life by reverting back to old-school methods where the average person is behind the lens. Throwing aside the norm of having professional photographers take pictures on high-quality cameras, this company wanted to take a new approach to showcasing the intricacies of regular life.

Dispose gives away a throwaway camera – remember those? – to participants all around the world. Its mission is to take 27 pictures over the course of one full day, regardless of what activity they are doing. They are to take photos of the scenery around them, making sure to include a self-portrait. Dispose then produces a compilation of these pictures, including everything from synchronized swimming, parties, camels and installation art.

Through the use of realism, Dispose has enabled both the photographer and the viewer to participate in the beauty of everyday life.