From Grayscale Minimalist Fashion to Disheveled Mennonite Captures

 - Aug 30, 2012
Unexpectedly, Amish-inspired fashion has been turning up in contemporary lookbooks and editorials everywhere. Known for a traditionalist approach to living, including community-based culture and a reluctance to adopting modern technology, the Amish are often seen in very plain dress. It seems that this simple and conservative approach to design is being chosen over outrageous avant-garde looks.

From Amish-inspired streetwear to mod Mennonite lookbooks, the pieces featured use a monochromatic scale of black and white. Oftentimes, the styles use a "less is more" aesthetic, placing the emphasis on tailoring over flamboyant colors and patterns. The minimalist apparel creates a clean look, which is often then accessorized with an over-sized hat.

Amish-inspired fashion has already been seen in brands such as Dior and 1205, but is sure to continue on in future collections.