From Buttless Pantyhose to Full-Face Hoodies

 - Sep 10, 2009   Updated: May 25 2011
It's visually disturbing to see someone dressed in a hideous sweater, or light-up lingerie -- but not everyone was born with fashion sense. When celebrities choose the wrong gown, who is to blame? Even with teams of stylists they can make a fashion faux pas. This cluster is a fun way to expose bizarre fashions from red carpet atrocities to bikini-clad baristas.

Implications - Clothing has become the ultimate form of self-expression and the notion of a "fashion faux pas" does not have affect how people feel about what they wear. Ideas like full-zip hoodies and cameo bridal gowns are what those questionable fashionistas wanted to rock. Faux pas are going to happen, but if it makes them happy, it can't be that bad.