One Time of Year Tacky Is Trendy

 - Dec 21, 2007
References: diylife
Here’s one tacky trend that refuses to die.

If you’ve never attended a Christmas sweater party, you’ve really missed out. To make up for lost times, get your friends to bust out those tacky sweaters from crazy aunts and knitting grannies and host a shindig to show them off.

Best thing ever? There’s an officially hosted "6th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party" in Vancouver today, the tickets for which can be bought at TicketMaster. Attendees must be 19 and over, because to survive fashion atrocities like this, you’ve got to have a lot of rum and eggnog.

"When you get together with friends this holiday season don’t just host a cocktail party, host a tacky Christmas sweater party," DIY Life suggested. "Give your friends a reason to show off their latest sweater gift and sport your own at a tacky sweater party."

Even the Herald News knows this trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

"Everyone either has one, or has a relative who is notorious for wearing the most awful, sparkly, green and red, snowflake covered Christmas sweater ever. And how can you not love them? They are so delightfully tacky," the paper reported.

"So, why not celebrate the ugly Christmas sweater this holiday season with an ugly Christmas sweater party?

"Tell everyone who’s invited to find the gaudiest, most obnoxious Christmas-related sweater possible. You can locate them in thrift stores, your own closet, attics, your grandparents’ house, anywhere, as long as they’re ugly. They don’t have to be sweaters either. You can have sweatshirts, vests, t-shirts, anything."

Canada’s Globe and Mail had similar thoughts.

"Whether it’s a hot-red Santa number with candy-cane cuffs or some other knitted pattern disaster, the homely Christmas sweater always seems to appear under the tree - only to end up in a bottom drawer or garbage bin," the G&M;said.

"But a growing holiday party trend recycles the garish gift, with tongue firmly planted in cheek: the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, where whoever looks the worst, looks best."

Truth be told, they can actually look pretty cute… on girls, anyway. Check out the gallery for some inspiration.

If you really insist on being a stubborn fashionista, but don’t want to miss out on a good party, Stella McCartney’s sweater bag could make for a decent compromise.