From Intentional Fashion Fails to TV-Inspired Tees

 - Nov 24, 2011
Here's hoping that those of you who think your Christmas sweater is so cool will think twice this holiday season after seeing all of these questionable Christmas sweater inspirations. The Christmas sweater is a yearly source of ridicule. For some reason, people have never been able to knit a fashionable depiction of Rudolph or Santa's sleigh.

What used to be outright ridicule has now turned to irony as bad Christmas sweater parties are thrown every holiday season celebrating the worst of the worst. Christmas sweaters have also inspired many other non-sweater apparel pieces such as shoes. The Christmas sweater is the one piece of clothing the world loves to hate. Here's hoping that all of these questionable Christmas sweater inspirations inspire you to rock your Frosty the Snowman sweater this holiday season. Just don't consider it awesom -- unless, of course, you do so ironically. There are rules to this thing.