Potent Illusion Ideas, from Illusory Naughtytography to Blendtography

 - May 18, 2011
This list will provide inspiration to all photographers, artists and advertisers looking to embrace illusion in their work.

This style has been embraced by top photographers such as Mark Sarco, Christophe Gilbert and Brian Walker; each is a master of the technique. These works merge reality, illusion and fantasy with intensely creative visuals and potent photo effects. Whether its fancy floatographs, blendtography or illusory naughtytography, the works in this series will capture your attention.

The photography illusion effects, filters and techniques are ideal for anyone who wants to add magic to their artwork. Use this list to gain inspiration for your own photography and work. Who knows -- this could be the attention-grabbing art effect that will get you noticed!