- Dec 30, 2008
Sexy eco-bikinis made from soy, saucy hippy bikinis, bikinis with contrast patterns that highlight the nether-regions, tattoo bikinis and retro-print bikinis were just a few of many swimsuit articles that have heated up Trend Hunter’s pages. Here are a few more…

President-elect Barack Obama in his bathing suit, footage from Sarah Palin’s high school swimsuit competition, post-baby swimsuit photos and Olympic swimwear attire show an interest in swimwear couture outside of the beach—we just have to know how good celebrities and political figures look in a one or two-piece swimsuit.

Selling products by using gorgeous women in itsy-bitsy bikinis was done on and off the airwaves. It may be considered sexist, but it works, whether for calendars or even getting people to come to a bar.

2009 swimsuit collections from the Brazilian swimwear line Cia Maritima, Melissa Odabash, Zimmerman, and Lenny are those featured in the gallery. Since 2009 swimwear designs have already hit the runways and the internet, I thought it only fitting to add a preview of even more—enjoy!

Photo Credits:  Tropi-Ties Swimwear Catalog

27 Swimwear Innovations On And Off The Beach: