Beads Indicate Degree of Sun Exposure

 - Sep 3, 2008   Updated: Aug 22 2011
References: shinyshiny
Here's a low tech way to tell if you are getting too much sun. It's the called the UV Intensity Bikini. See those little purple beads? They are actually UV level indicators that tell you when you have baked enough.

If the beads are white or light colored, you're good. If they turn deep purple you are over cooked.

Did I mention it's a really hot looking bikini?

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Implications - Technological advancements and innovations are constantly becoming more prominent in society, particularly when the innovations benefit customers' health. Since audiences are becoming increasingly aware of their health and well-being in a way that was not seen in previous decades, companies would benefit from introducing products that encourage a healthy lifestyle in a modern way, such as through the use of technology.