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Geoffrey Canada's Updated Education Speech Talks Teaching Methods

 - Aug 1, 2013
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Speaker Geoffrey Canada compares teaching methods to business models in this updated education speech. Canada expresses his frustrations with the lack of innovation in terms of education in America. He states that even though some schools have high failure rates, the curriculum and teaching methods used remain the same.

Canada points out that in the world of business, when the model isn't working, it's tossed away and a new model is implemented. It should be the same in the world of education. Learning is different for every individual, so it doesn't make sense to take on a one size fits all approach to teaching. Canada says that if educators don't make changes to the way they teach based on feedback and student success rates, then children will continue to do poorly.

Geoffrey Canada acknowledges that fixing the education system in America will take billions of dollars, but explains that it's worth it to invest in youth and give them a chance to become great.