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Pearl Arredondo’s School System Speech Discusses Changing School Str

 - May 12, 2013
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Most current schools are mandated by their districts to follow certain regulations when it comes to operating a school’s educational system, and in Pearl Arredondo’s school system speech she believes that the deconstruction of the status quo is a necessary endeavor for the betterment of a school.

Tensions in inner city schools have always been a difficulty. Problems such as teacher turn over and gang-related violence are adamant and wide-spread. Arredondo believes that for effective learning to take place it requires drastic changes from the school administrators and the community. She insist that in order for students to succeed, educators are required to know and understand their circumstances. The idea of creating a safe haven where for inner city students learn isn’t given much precedence, which needs to change. Shifting an entire educational system is difficult, but needs to be done.