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Jeffrey Piontek’s Outdated Teaching Methods Keynote Suggests Tech Revo

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: jeffpiontek & youtube
Teacher Jeffrey Piontek’s outdated teaching methods keynote emphasizes one of the major concerns in classrooms today.

Piontek makes an amazing comparison regarding students today -- Generation Z -- as Jetson kids attending a Flinstones' school. As technology has evolved over the years, schools are falling behind in staying updated and while some do obtain new digital media tools in their schools and classrooms, few teaching methods have been revised to accommodate for the new generation.

One of the more passive solutions Piontek offers is to patiently await for the new tech-savvy generation to take over teachning roles. However, it would also be beneficial for schools to start riding the technology wave by updating antiquated teaching methods and integrating them with more collaborative and interactive environment, something, as Piontk’s research shows, students thrive for. The younger generations are only going to become more technologically adaptable than their predecessors, giving schools little to no reason to hold onto its conventional methods.