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Having lived through the hardship of natural disaster has shaped the speeches of C.J. Huff, making...

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C.J. Huff Inspires Resilience in This Motivational Speech

 - Oct 28, 2012
References: linkedin & youtu.be
Superintendent C.J. Huff delves into his experience with disaster and retaining resilience through tragedy in this motivational speech.

Joplin, Missouri was devastated by a terrible storm that made for the loss of housing and the tragic loss of many people. C.J. Huff talks about his experience in this adversity and the importance of resilience in emergency conditions. He begins by outlining the damage done to the municipality, that included severe damage to school constructions.

Huff then goes on to recall the community's quest to rebuild schools in the community so as to have school start on time for students. He deemed this project "The Impossible Goal," and managed to make a difference in his community. With his recount of tireless dedication to activism and community resilience, C.J. Huff delivers a motivational speech that is highly inspiring.