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Julián Castro Reveals Advantages with this Scholastic Keyno

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: sanantonio.gov & youtu.be
The mayor of San Antonio discusses the value of accessible education in his municipality with this scholastic keynote.

Julián Castro's knack for generating political discussions comes with his ability to seamlessly form arguments with anecdotes and examples. This keynote is no exception as he delves into an analysis on the vitality of schooling that is unrestricted by a student's economic situation. He argues for the inspirational ambition that comes from being a student, the value of exemplary academic institutions and the vast usefulness of scholastic learning.

Mayor Julián Castro's conviction for accessible schooling is so compelling that is has shaped his educational platform and policy for the city of San Antonio. This scholastic keynote is a testament to the continual advantages that stem from a literate society.