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Arnold Schwarzenegger Considers Role Models in His UH Commencement Speech

 - May 17, 2017
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famed actor and bodybuilder who later became a producer, businessman, author, investor, and politician, delivered a motivational speech during the 2017 UH commencement ceremony.

He starts out by hyping the students up by chanting their cheer, and then touches on the positive impact diversity has had on the university over the past few years. After acknowledging the merits of the graduating class and the professors who helped them along, Schwarzenegger explains the importance of support when it comes to reaching one's goals. He relates to his audience by describing his own journey, and how having those to lift him up when he fell enabled him to accomplish so much in his life. In addition, he considers the power of faith, and how his beliefs helped him to stay strong.

As someone who's done so much, Schwarzenegger functions as great motivator during the UH commencement, as he is able to consider various definitions of success, and therefore relate to the graduates on different levels.