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Leon Logothetis' Thankful Talk Explores Notions of Richness

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: youtube
Leon Logothetis's thankful talk explores how people should define wealth through minimalistic means, such as happiness and kindness, rather than materialistic possessions. Taking inspiration from his global travels, Logothetis shares an motivational story and lesson about kindness he learned on his journey.

Inspired by his new book entitled 'The Kindness Diaries,' Logothetis shares the story of a time he was traveling through Pittsburgh and he didn't have anywhere to stay. After asking dozens of people for help and being turned away, Logothetis came across a man named Tony. Despite Tony being homeless, he willingly opened up his heart to Logothetis and promised to give him a place to stay, blankets to keep warm, food to eat and protection. This genuine and selfless act of kindness from a man who had nothing provoked Logothetis to see that human connection is a beautiful thing. "I spent the night on the streets of Pittsburgh," said Logothetis, "with one of the kindest men I’d ever met."