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Sadaf Moosvi's Talk About Female Empowerment on Media and Politics

 - Jan 14, 2015
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In her talk about female empowerment, Sadaf Moosvi explains how the misrepresentation of women in politics and media are linked. The student speaks specifically of gender inequality in England and India. The speaker immigrated to Britain in 2005 from a small impoverished community in India and saw first hand that this misrepresentation is something the two countries have in common.

Only 24% of parliament members in the UK are women and there has been only one prominent female figure in politics. Moosvi feels this is a failing within the political system. However, the ramifications go beyond the political realm. The talk about female empowerment posits the media's portrayal of women is partly responsible.

The speaker feels excluding women from the Indian workforce will have an effect on their economy and standard of living. Discrimination has led to a wealth of untapped potential, that if reversed would convey confidence, energy and vision to future generations.