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The Kare Anderson talk about opportunity describes what it means to be an opportunity maker. The...

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Kare Anderson's Talk About Opportunity on Opportunity Makers

 - Nov 10, 2014
References: youtu.be
In her talk about opportunity, Kare Anderson discusses what it means to be an opportunity maker. The speaker emphasizes the importance of connecting people so that, together, they can use their best talents more often for the greater good. She believes everyone is better than anyone else at something, and this fact gives people the capacity to do solve problems creatively.

The talk about opportunity suggests more than wealth or titles, it's humanity's ability to connect around each other's better side that defines success. Anderson encourages people to actively seek out situations with people unlike themselves, and to build trusted relationships. She states when you connect with people around a shared interest and action, serendipitous things happen. She defines the characteristics of opportunity makers as continually honing their top strength, becoming pattern seekers, getting involved in different worlds and communicating shared interests.