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Morgana Bailey's Uniqueness Keynote Encourages Us to Embrace Our Sexuality

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: youtube
Morgana Bailey's uniqueness keynote is a combination of a brave personal confession as well as a motivational speech. Her inspiring talk shares how she struggled to open up about her sexual orientation because she feared the judgement of exposing who she really was to everyone around her.

Bailey begins her keynote by stating that for 16 years she hid her true self from everyone around her. Leveraging that her Ted Talk was held in Kansas city, her hometown, she used the stage as a platform to come out and state that she is a lesbian. While she hid her sexuality from those around her for several years, Bailey encourages that others do not do the same. "I hope that this means I will never hide again," Bailey says, "and I hope that by coming out today, I can do something to change the data and also to help others who feel different be more themselves and more fulfilled in both their professional and personal lives."