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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives His Six Rules of Success Speech

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: schwarzenegger & youtube
At the 2009 commencement for the University of Southern California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered his rules of success speech to an audience of thousands.

While taking examples from his own life, Governor Schwarzenegger believes that his six rules for achieving success in life can apply to virtually everyone. The first rule of Arnold's is to trust yourself. By this, he means to figure out what it is you want for yourself and not what others want for you. The second rule is to break the rules (not the laws) and to think outside the box. Rule number three is to not be afraid to fail -- don't be so paralyzed by fear that you don't act. Number four is not to listen to any naysayers, and to believe in yourself. Rule number five is to work hard. He says that the worst thing is to fail because you didn't try hard enough. The sixth and final rule is to give back.

In his rules of success speech, Governor Schwarzenegger gives examples from his life for each of these rules, providing context for their application.