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Chris Weiler's Talk About Positivity is on Overcoming Setbacks

 - Jan 17, 2016
In his talk about positivity, Chris Weiler offers different ways to overcome setbacks. The speaker believes that emotion powers motion, or that how people feel about things ultimately determines their actions. Whether or not people feel motivated to do something or move past a challenge has to do with positive thinking.

In the talk about positivity, he identifies three tools or guiding principles for overcoming obstacles. Creating a guiding principle involves finding a belief or rule that becomes a priority in your life, such as 'the thing has no power, you do.' Then, he suggests checking your mind to ensure your thoughts, words and actions support your guiding principle. Especially when you feel stressed out, the speaker recommends a writing exercise called 'compose yourself.' This involves putting what you think and feel on paper to identify negative thoughts and feelings that block your guiding principle.