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The Jill Conner Browne talk describes her personal story and part of the background behind the Sweet...

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Jill Conner Browne's Talk About Talent on the Sweet Potato Queens

 - Jan 22, 2015
References: sweetpotatoqueens & youtu.be
In her funny talk about talent, Jill Conner Browne explains the background of the Sweet Potato Queens. The self-described leader and object of a cult explains how a Bible school lesson stuck with her and resulted in the world's most inclusive non-organization with 6200 chapters around the world.

The author explains the parable of the talents and how everyone is born with something, even if it's hardly ever what you want. The speaker feels once you come to terms with this, the sooner you will realize you already have what you need. A firm believer in making your own fun, the Sweet Potato Queen founder used her own natural gifts to create a part of a parade that has touched thousands of people in 37 countries. The end of the talk about talent is very motivational and is full of life advice.