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Frederic Kaplan Discusses Digitizing Venice in His Time Machine Speech

 - Feb 6, 2014
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Frederic Kaplan’s time machine speech discusses his new project the ‘Venice Time Machine’ that attempts to digitize 1,000 years of information, in creating a geographical and historical simulation of Venice.

Kaplan was first inspired to develop a tool that would allow him to travel through time, similar to Google Maps, but for the past. He has created the Venice Time Machine, a joint project by the EPFL and the University of Venice.

Kaplan’s time machine speech offers insight into the processes of the construction of the historical time machine by enlarging the scope of digital information, using newspapers and books to extract various information in the past.

Kaplan chose Venice because of its special bureaucratic administration that manages to keep traces of everything over 1,000 years, documenting every boat that left the city and every change that was made.