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Hector Ruiz's Cognitive Computing Speech Predicts Future Technology

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: hectorruiz & youtube
Hector Ruiz talks about where he sees technology going in this cognitive computing speech. Ruiz talks about the major advances in terms of technology that have revolutionized the way that people operate on a daily basis. Among these advances are the Internet and the personal computer. Ruiz believes that the next big advance will involve cognitive computer technology.

Ruiz explains that this would mean Internet tools and apps that are used often enough will start to improve their performance based on what people are searching for most often. He predicts that these services will actually get to the point where they ask users questions in order to provide better information or results.

Hector Ruiz says that the idea of cognitive computer technology is exciting and frightening, but he believes that this is the way that computer technology is headed.