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Jan Chipchase's Social Interaction Speech Shows How Tech Effects Us

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: janchipchase & youtu.be
This interesting social interaction speech by Jan Chipchase characterizes the effects of technology on human behavior. It is given after time spent researching and conducting experiments on this phenomenon in everyday life.

Probably one of the most visible occurrences of this is people having their heads in their phones, even while performing tasks. This keynote talks about nine trends in technology that will shape human interaction.

As technological devices become smaller and less obstructive it will be more seamless for humans to use. It will no longer interfere in the way that it does now. For instance, if a person is wearing a large headset device, it may deter others from interacting with said person. This social interaction speech identifies that future technologies will need to focus on the way to limit negative social interference.