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Steve Ballmer's Surface Windows 8 Keynote Introduces the New Device

 - Dec 5, 2012
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Steve Ballmer's Microsoft Surface Windows 8 keynote introduces the brand's first ever tablet. Steve Ballmer of Microsoft begins his speech by reflecting on the great changes and evolution that have occurred within in the industry and the Microsoft brand over the last decade. He notes how Microsoft ushered in a new era of cloud computing and embraced mobile.

With Windows software being the most versatile and adaptable computing program in the world, creating a tablet driven by that software was the natural next step for the brand in innovating. Ballmer explains how Surface is the companion to Windows 8, separate from a PC.

The new Microsoft Surface that embodies the notion of hardware and software really pushing each other so that people can create and consume, work and play, on the couch and on the go. The Surface fulfills these needs as it is a surface to to enable passions and creativity.

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 keynote represents a turning point for both the brand and the computing industry.