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Timothy Jordan Delivers an Informative Google Glasses Keynote

 - May 22, 2013
References: youtube
During this Google glasses keynote, Timothy Jordan demonstrates how the Google glasses can be worn to improve your everyday life and keep you connected without getting in the way. Project glass is focused on bringing technology closer by getting it out of the way.

By wearing a pair of Google glasses during this Google glasses keynote, Timothy demonstrates the possibilities that arise when you wear this new platform for technology. If you have ever been to a concert where you had to strain your neck to see past the smartphones or missed a perfect photo because you were looking for your phone, you know how beneficial it would be to own a pair of Google glasses.

During this interactive Google glasses keynote, Timothy discusses core concepts, design guidelines and APIs. He introduces the baseline for Glass development and reminds viewers that this is not new technology -- just a new way to use it. By wearing the glasses for the entire keynote he exemplifies the adaptability of this new platform.