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Lars Bratsberg's Talk on Repetitive Innovation Gives Principled Advice

 - Oct 2, 2013
In his talk on repetitive innovation, Lars Bratsberg identifies some of the core principles within Google's culture. The Industry Head of Branding at Google Norway believes there is not a scientific way to look at innovation, otherwise more companies would be able to successfully innovate more regularly. He also points out that the search function is the core of what they do, and remains their focus despite exciting technological advances like Google glasses.

First of all, all Googlers, or Google employees, must understand the vision of the company. The user is always put first. They believe in testing first and quickly. The best ideas can come from anywhere, so anyone can contribute. Google has adopted the improv philosophy of 'yes, and...' when it comes to crazy ideas and contribution, where one acknowledges the idea and adds on to it, rather than shooting it down and killing ideas and energy. Data must support everything. They also always hire the best person at any given time.