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The Brian McLendon Technology Keynote Explores the App's Developments

 - May 16, 2013
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Brian McLendon is the lead of the Maps Team at Google and the host of this informative technology keynote. As part of Google's I/O 2013 keynotes, this speech walks its audience through the development of one of Google's most valuable tools: Google Maps.

McLendon explains that though Google Maps is now known as an iconic tool that truly changed the industries of both topography and digital media, it wasn't always as useful as it is today. He states that in its early days (2005), Google Maps was more problematic than helpful. In order to keep the ever-changing mapping data up-to-date, McLendon created numerous projects, including 'Ground Truth,' 'Streetview' and 'MapMaker,' which encourages consumers to contribute their own data to Google Maps.

Aside from enticing his audience to get excited about Google Maps's new products, like Google Maps Engine, McLendon uses his technology keynote to urge the listener to take advantage of the opportunity to contribute (and enhance) products like Google Maps.