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This Google Play All Access Keynote by Chris Yerga is Playful

 - May 20, 2013
References: youtube
Google All Access allows you to explore millions of tracks effortlessly on any device and Chris Yerga discusses the many wonderful features in this Google Play All Access keynote.

All Access is the guided way for you to explore and brows millions of tracks from any device. Google provides users with personalized listening recommendations based on your listening history. All Access always has fresh featured content, top playlists and top songs available for listening enjoyment.

This Google Play All Access Keynote by Chris Yerga shows us how playlists are generated. With All Access anything you see can immediately be added to your library with a simple tap. Whatever you are listening to can instantly be tailored to your needs with the option to be as interactive as you want.

This Google Play All Access Keynote shows us just how customizable Google is by blending your personal music catalog with all other music available.