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David Pogue's Technology Tip Keynote Offers Obvious Solutions

 - May 1, 2013
References: davidpogue & youtu.be
David Pogue, who is a tech columnist for The New York Times, shares his top ten time-saving tricks and tips in this technology tip keynote. While a majority of the individuals reading this will likely know these tips, it is important to note that a huge percentage of society and tech users do not know these basic procedures. As he notes, there is no syllabus for technology today, and knowing these tips and shortcuts can save individuals a lot of time.

The majority of his tips center around being able to complete tasks without using the mouse and having to scroll. For example, instead of scrolling down a pop-up menu looking for your state, province or country, simply type the first letter repeatedly. Additionally, using the space bar to scroll down instead of the mouse can save time everywhere.

One of the most fascinating tips is that Google can also be used as a dictionary. It is truly remarkable to think that many people do not know these things, whereas for other, usually younger generations, using technology is second nature and intuitive.