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Ellie Powers Showcases Brand New Features in Her Google Play Keynote

 - May 16, 2013
References: developers.google & youtu.be
At Google IO 2013, Ellie Powers’ Google Play Keynote showcases the five new applications that developers can utilize in optimizing a developer’s application.

Developers have asked Google for certain developments to be implemented in the company’s Google Play Developer Console, since the previous state of Google Play wasn’t meeting the necessary standards. Powers introduces five key features that will aid in effectively improving a developer's application with regards to its interface, user acquisition, demographics and beta testing.

The features added in Google Play Developer Console—Optimization Tips, App Translation Service, Usage Metrics and Referral Tracking, Revenue Graphs, and Beta Testing and Staged Rollouts—will aid developers in acquiring new users for their applications and help them generate more funds from their applications.