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Sergey Brin Presents an Impromptu Google Glass Keynote

 - Apr 3, 2013
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The Google Glass keynote, presented by its creator Sergey Brin, provides a basic explanation of its exciting features, as well as a discussion on the motivations behinds its creation. The Google Glass is worn around someone's head and provides users with a handless and wireless display to access information from the Internet, take videos, take photos and access email. Brin suggests that it is represents the ultimate future of what interacting with people will look like as well as accessing information.

Brin was motivated to make the Google Glass for the freedom it would provide people. Not only does it free up people's hands, but it also frees up their eyes, thanks to the screen resting just above the eye. He wanted to be able to capture life's most important moments without having to interrupt them.