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The Technology Evolution Keynote by Juan Enriquez Offers Unusual Solutions

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: excelvm & youtu.be
In this technology evolution keynote, Juan Enriquez discusses America's ever-present financial crisis and the surprising solution he believes to exist in modern technology and science. Enriquez states that the "the key to managing crises is to keep an eye on the long term."

While a handful of individuals would argue that a new government or budget can save the United States from this financial crisis, the speaker believes that the solution rests in the ways technology and science are evolving, including the ability to engineer cells, tissues and produce robots.

According to Enriquez, the future depends on these evolving technologies that are enabling individuals to transform one thing into something completely different. While most people dwell on the economy and shortage of jobs, Enriquez believes that accelerating evolution in science and technology will provide the reboot for which society is so desperate.