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This Brian Cox Keynote Discusses Curiosity Driven Science

 - Apr 24, 2012
References: ted & youtube
The need for continued support towards scientific exploration is discussed in this Brian Cox keynote. As time goes on, the economy seems to be dealing with one crisis after another, and the budget for curiosity driven science continues to be cut. Brian Cox argues that the statement of "we know enough about the universe," could not be a more fatal presumption for it is the exploration into the unknown that has lead mankind towards its greatest discoveries.

In regards to space exploration, the information and images collected from satellites, space probes and expeditions have shaped the way people think about their place within the universe and their relationship to their surrounding environment.

The invention of the transistor and the information regarding supernova explosions (the building blocks of life) are just barely scrapping the edge of the kinds of discoveries afforded by curiosity driven science.