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Patrick McIvor's Talk on Touch Explores the Draws of Psychical Connection

 - Dec 22, 2016
References: tedxtalks.ted & youtube
Patrick McIvor, an experienced hair dresser, considers the value of a physical connection in his talk on touch, as well as the problems that can result from a lack of it.

To begin, he references Mark Snapp of the University of Texas at Austin and Judith Hall of Northeastern University, who understand that touch and "tactile communication is probably the most basic or primitive form of communication" that the human species has. It's this long-standing history with physical connection that makes it so vital to a person's well-being today.

Despite this however, Patrick McIvor exposes how limited this type of communication is becoming in a world where people are constantly connecting through digital mediums and marriage is no longer seen as necessary to many. Throughout his talk on touch, Patrick McIvor shows how positive physical communication has lead to the release of healthy hormones, while reducing negative hormones simultaneously.

A big part of this, he says, is hair grooming, which is one of the oldest ways that people and primates have connected with one another. He ends off by summarizing the overarching message of his talk on touch, telling his audience to remember to take the time to connect with others physically so they don't end up losing such an integral part of their communication.