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Aziz Abu Sarah's Mindful Tourism Talk Explores Human History and Connection

 - Jan 15, 2015
References: youtube
In his mindful tourism talk, Palestinian activist Aziz Abu Sarah espouses his belief that tourism is the most sustainable way to bring down the walls that separate us.

Abu Sarah was filled with rage after his brother's untimely, and unjust, death. It was only when he turned 18 and enrolled in a class to learn Hebrew that he, for the first time, met Jewish people who weren't soldiers. He found himself connecting with his classmates over small, surprising things (like his love for country music). It was this experience that prompted Abu Sarah to later found Mejdi Tours, a social enterprise that aims to connect people.

Describing Mejdi Tours, Abu Sarah gives the example of Jerusalem. During the tour, participants would be assigned both an Israeli and Palestinian tour guide, offering two entirely different perspectives on the history and culture of the same place. This, Abu Sarah believes, is the future of travel.