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Deepak Chopra's Speech to Youth Discusses How to Change the World

 - Sep 26, 2014
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In his speech to youth, Deepak Chopra discusses the idealistic energy that will make Earth a better place. At Free the Children's signature youth empowerment event, the speaker talks about the skills, emotional energy and attitudes required to create a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Addressing a group of committed and passionate young activists, he offers the secrets of the soul of leadership.

The speech to youth emphasizes looking and listening with the mind, heart and soul -- not just eyes and ears. Even if you don't know the answers, by asking yourself the big questions in life and living them, life will move you into the answers. There are no missing parts of the universe as everyone has unique skills and talents that will transform the world when people use them to help. The We Day speech states love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant. Deepak Chopra also encourages them to be a role model, accountable, responsive to feedback and have smart goals. He also advises the change makers to declare their values and consistently live up to them.