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Samuel Mahaffy's Talk About Peacemaking Explains the Future of Place-Making

 - Dec 8, 2014
In his talk about peacemaking, Samuel Mahaffy discusses the intersection between place-making and peacekeeping. He describes place-making as a missing safe place where there is no reason to flea from conflict.

The speaker mentions the Project for Public Spaces, which is at the core of the global place-making movement. This movement is fueled by the idea people can intentionally create vital community areas that both empower and enrich people.

The talk about peacemaking explains a current pitfall of peacekeeping, which is that past efforts prioritized agenda over relationship. The notions of peacekeeping and place-making have a mutual need of each other to work. This is evidenced by place-seizing or taking, with Tienanmen Square and Occupy Wall Street used as examples. Both are paramount when it comes to co-constructing a different future.