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The Benji Wagner Speech on Technology Discusses Dependency and Balance

 - Jul 14, 2015
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In his speech on technology, Benji Wagner discusses how it can be a tool that helps people to reconnect with the natural world.

He briefly summarizes the evolution of humanity and how we used to be ruled by the nature and therefore, very connected to it. We developed tools that enhanced our quality of life, but in time technology and a culture of technology replaced the outdoors in our daily lives. The speaker describes the pros and cons of our dependency on modern technology, such as the ability to see and understand other places and people, but also the loss of human connection.

The speech on technology states we should use it as a tool to make life better and not something that debilitates you. He believes we can use social media and the Internet to break the physical barrier and "use your phone to a window to the world you aren't just going to look through, but step through." In this way tech allows you to have experiences that make your life better.