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Joaquin Alvarado's Talk on Journalism on Investigative Reporting

 - Nov 5, 2014
In his talk on journalism, Joaquin Alvarado explains how journalism is the operating system of democracy. He shares how the Center for Investigative Reporting (the first and largest non-profit investigative organization) is helping the industry adapt, fulfill its responsibilities and engage with communities.

The talk on journalism mentions two important responsibilities journalists have. First, deep, data-driven, fact-based reporting is essential for America and its very existence is threatened. Second, investigative reporting holds authority accountable and impacts lives (for example, Watergate and Snowden).

There are fundamental changes in the air. Disruption is normal and technology pushes people in new directions, but often away from each other. Purposeful engagement is paramount for moving forward; the speaker describes connecting communities as the new frontier. The talk on journalism also explains how the Center is interacting with artists, poets, young people, technology, families and peers.

When it comes to adapting and innovating, finding new ways to reach people at risk is imperative. Whether it's new measurement tools or new platforms (like Reveal Radio), making a way for investigative reporting is what's needed to help the United States move forward.