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Babycakes Romero's Smartphone Talk Encourages Putting Devices Down

 - Jul 15, 2015
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In his smartphone talk, Babycakes Romero talks about a photography series about the harmful consequences of being glued to your cell phone. The photographer explains that when people use their smartphones in social settings, they are prioritizing their phone life over real life, often without thinking about the people around them or the loss of human connection that's happening.

The lack of etiquette surrounding mobile phone use in social situations is something the speaker finds a lot of people aren't talking about it. With 'The Death of Conversation,' he hoped to reflect people's own behavior back at them and initiate a debate on the all-consuming smartphone culture.

The smartphone talk posits online communication and face to face conversation are at odds with each other. Beyond hurting relationships, constant attachment to cell phones has many other negative effects on people.