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Sherry Turkle's Communication Speech Discusses Turning Off Devices

 - Jul 18, 2013
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MIT professor Sherry Turkle discusses the importance of taking time away from technology in this communication speech. Turkle focuses on the ways in which technology has affected the average family and the way that people connect with one another face to face. Turkle claims that checking one's smartphone at dinner changes the flow of conversation.

Sherry Turkle shares a picture of her family in which everyone is looking down at their phone. She explains that this is a candid shot and discusses the importance of powering down to spend time both with family and alone. Turkle believes that actively spending some time alone, unplugged from technology can make individuals feel less lonely overall.

Though people can do all kinds of things with technology, Turkle asks whether or not they should. While communicating via text might be easy and provide people with a way to filter themselves, it's also important to be able to connect face to face.