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A Comedic Technology Evolution Speech by Tor Myhren

 - Oct 17, 2012
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In an extremely comedic, insightful and entertaining technology evolution speech, Tor Myhren (CEO and President of Grey New York)shares his experience of losing his virginity back in 1986. He then cleverly re-imagines the event as having taken place in 2011, and how the advancement of technology would completely transform the logistics and details leading up to the experience, as well as the experience itself.

From meeting people online in lieu of on the phone, to texting (and "sexting"), to mutual Facebook friends and advice from Google, technology, over the past two decades, has completely transformed the way life and its events are experienced. While many would argue that technology removes a sense of realness and sincerity from events and human interaction, Myhren believes that it actually enhances the experience, allowing individuals to create it the way they want to remember it. His technology evolution speech is both insightful and entertaining.