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The Trista Sutter talk about self-worth discusses the importance of motherhood and mentions a bit of... Need Inspiration?

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Trista Sutter's Talk About Self-Worth Discusses the Importance of Motherhood

 - Mar 1, 2016
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In her talk about self-worth, Trista Sutter discusses the difficulty in confronting your own inner demons. Best known as a reality television star and the first ever Bachelorette, the speaker explores the dangers of calling yourself "just a mom" or defining your value based on your profession. By qualifying your role as "just a ..." and trying to beat other people to the punch, Trista states "instead of protecting yourself you are holding the hammer and chiseling away at your self-worth."

The talk about self-worth mentions the impact free speech and Internet connection can have when it comes to judgement and bullying. Trista encourages people to stand up to online and inner critics. She believes gratitude is the key to happiness as well as having a healthy view of yourself.